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IHO: A Sustainable Project of 2,368 sq ft

IHO is a space of 2,368 sq ft in the eleventh floor of Forum building in Guatemala City. It consists in the showroom and office of a company that represents more than 70 real estate and architectural businesses.

Studio Domus’ main challenge with this project was to position IHO in the market while confronting the challenge of creating a flexible room in a relatively small space.

Inspired in the Glass House created by Philip Johnson, the concept was to install the office’s main area at the center. The elongated shape of the floor with glass in three of its four sides allowed to create the effect of a limitless space.

The sensation of traversing the showroom is a path-like one where different environments generate diverse stimuli. Even though the transparency of the glass is the protagonist and it allows the furniture that is exhibited there to stand out.

The space and design created for IHO became the first Latin-American project this size to obtain three green certifications: WELL, LEED and WELL Safety.[1]

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