Client: Union Credit Bank, Brickell Miami USA
Location: 2 ave . 14-96 zona 14 , Guatemala City
Architects / Interior Design : Studio Domus
Penthouse interior decorator shown : María Isabel Castillo
Project Area: 18,345 sq ft / 1,704.93 m2
Year Project: Design / Completion : 2006/2009
Photographs : Marko Bradich / Alejandro de León

Villa Risho is located in a high end residential sector of Guatemala City. The land was specifically selected for its urban qualities, since it is located opposite to a small public park with beautiful jacaranda trees. In this area there are only two parks and this is the one less used. The lot has a width and a depth of 40 x 40 meters, which by municipal regulations, allows a plant 25 x 25 meters, with 18 levels and 18,000 square meters of construction. Although the site has only one facing the street, the separation provided by the park gives it a nice perspective.

The creative origin arose from the fusion between the architects and the resort real estate developer with its headquarters in Brickell and the environmental characteristics of the selected terrain. At first glance, the project would have a Miami architecture aspect, but in the interiors, transparent windows and spacious balconies have much more sense than solid balconies and small windows that are customary in the industry.

The building was designed as a white tower, dedicated solely to horizontal housing: 20 levels of which four were reserved for parking in basements. At the ground floor entrance lobby, accompanied by two vertical residences, sixteen levels for 38 apartments are located. On the top floor, stands the club with pool, gym and community hall.

The structure is designed based on rigid frames of reinforced concrete with flat slabs, isolated footings. The building was automated in all common areas with a system that comprises and graduates illumination.

Although each plant is completely rectangular, it was proposed to give softness to the four facades through the rounded corners of the balconies. Each level has more than 70 square meters of terraces, representing 12 % of total project cost. These open spaces are defined by tempered glass tinted teal and white reinforced aluminum railings .

The idea was to create a similar to a five star hotel entrance, which would offer an amicable welcome. The motorlobby has a large overhang that serves as a prelude to the lobby , which poses a stepped cascade six meters high and fifty feet long. All this double height volume is enclosed only by windows with luxurious brass frames.

Before choosing each finish, the client company architects traveled to a lot of places to find the right materials. For example, for one marble lobby waterfall Rojo Alicante, Spain, which blends nicely with the floor cut Fiorito Travertine in the same quarry was selected. The central rosette was developed and assembled by hand in Guatemala .

One of the main volumetric qualities of the apartments is the height of 2.90 meters having center environments. For comfortable use of long city views, tempered glass balconies were built, large windows and sliding doors double glazed Low -E high-tech type, with thermal bridges also installed. All this resulted in a luminous inner aspect. The designed cross ventilation is vital to avoid the use of air conditioners. All finishes are similar to the main lobby, and the quality must be the same throughout the entire project, including automation controls luminaires were installed in each apartment.

Level 18 has a club that with a 1.22 meters depth pool , fully heated with solar panels, which raise the water temperature to 28 ° C, through a sophisticated convection system. Although redundancy heat pump was installed, it has never been used. A gym with the latest in sports equipment, including two saunas and two modern fully tiled bathrooms lined patented fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, is located here as well. This space serves as a spot to the many night parties that are organized. The pool also has an artistic mural as decoration.

Three genuine aspects of the architectural solution were proposed: the first is that technology used in the project manages to serve sustainability, reducing energy consumption through the use of efficient solar panels, advanced automation systems and sophisticated reflective materials; and second, transparency is a strong message in this project, since it solved in a simple way, a public safety area contributing positively to the urban environment, and finally, the composition of the soft forms that finish with curved glass edges the building, accompanied by white walls that enrich the end result , achieving an authentic style.

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