Client : DECONSA
Location : Peripheral Ring 26-95 Zona 11 , Guatemala City
Architects / Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Builder: DECONSA
Project Area: 305,843.76 sq ft / 25,050 m2
Project Year: 2011-2013
Renders: Studio Domus

Developed in soil with high value, easy access, in a residential area and close to the largest shopping centers in Central America, surrounded by the best franchise restaurants, department store chains, supermarkets, museums and entertainment venues. Due to an increasing road traffic, it becomes a necessity to live in apartments located in central locations .

The requirement was to design vertical residences that allow a lifestyle in which natural resources were optimized without sacrificing personal comfort , using sustainable practices incorporated into contemporary architecture .

The program was 108 apartment units with four different sizes of one, two or three bedrooms, with dimensions of between 75 and 120 square meters.

The concept developed by Studio Domus originated in the need to direct frontal apartment to the best views, which are: the volcanoes west and east buildings of the financial center of the city, located in Zone 10. To generate perpendicular views to external focal points, it was necessary to rotate the central volume of the building 54° and the masses of the corners 14° ( angles on a shaft considered North ).

The complex consists of two buildings with different construction systems : the first, the apartment tower of 19 levels of reinforced wall, and the second building parking with rigid frame structural system , which has seven levels although five of them are basements. Both buildings are separated by a complicated screen wall that prevents the tower turn into the basement during an earthquake .

Parking is located on the green terrace, designed with large gardens, a jogging and walking track , children's play areas, a lounge, a plaza with benches and a half basketball court.

Additional to recreation areas located in the main garden, the 19th floor was designed as a club exclusively for residents, with a heated pool, a gym and a communal lounge entertainment.

The lobby has a five mt crying wall with a soothing sound as water slides on small stones of white marble. Taking advantage of this atrium, we  decided to leave some openings to the soil, and use them to plant three trees within the same lobby .

The use of artificial lighting is minimized during the day, as most private rooms and common areas in the tower lit and ventilated naturally.

The client, along with the team of specialists and architects, agreed to place greater emphasis on saving water and reducing energy consumption. Saving the vital fluid looking through medical devices with a dual system of water discharges, also in the gardens irrigation system using recycled water from showers will be located. Previously, this area was a vacant lot with no tree, now several mature trees will be planted in the gardens to the side of the tower, to contribute to the water cycle in the sector, likewise, green terraces contribute to the parking rainwater that is retained in place and not sent to the municipal sewers where contaminates .

The architectural peculiarity of placing the facades of the apartments perpendicular to the external views , resulted in a beautiful building in the form of lightning, with a highly dynamic, contemporary style.

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