Client: Union Credit Bank (Miami)
Location: Europlaza World Business Center, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus
Project area: 1,507 sq ft / 140 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2005
Photography: Jose Luis Samayoa

The interiors of the new financial office in Guatemala, had to recall the high aesthetic profile of the Miami headquarters on Brickell St. It was important to design a space worthy of this prestigious bank, (later it would become one of the leading company's in the real estate business, developing one of the most luxurious apartment buildings in Guatemala, Villa Rishó, also designed by Studio Domus.

One of the distinctive features of this project, are the lobby and reception areas, which include panels made of certified cedar (a tree from the Guatemala's tropical forests) were used. The dye and varnish have a similar color to the one used in their building in Miami, back in 1937.

Access leads into the lobby's entrance, being a warm and elegant environment. This access connects to the corridor that leads to the rest of the areas that make up this company. The space includes three offices, two waiting roms, a lobby and a meeting room, becoming an ideal design that allows privacy to the work dynamic that occurs inside this financial institution. all the elements: floors, wood panels, frosted glass, lamps, furniture, paintings and carpets, were carefully selected and placed by the clients and architects, in order to create a harmonious atmosphere. although a blend of various materials was used, wood is without a doubt, the predominant decorative element in the office. A fine arts collection is also part of the sober decoration, presenting a sober long lasting, atemporal environment. 

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