Torres del Valle description

Project: Torres del Valle
Location: San Pedro Sula
Architects: Studio Domus
Project Area: 22,575 sq m / 242,995 sq ft
Project Year: 2014-2015

Torres del Valle is a residential project located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras It consists two apartment towers, each 17 stories high. The project came out as a necessity to provide the population of this city, a vertical housing option that would meet all the requirements of a modern life without losing a sense of privacy and uniqueness.

Both towers will have a cross-shaped design that will allow tenants more privacy, natural lighting and ventilation. The consist 128 apartments, a number of amenities and, underground and surface parking lots, in a total of 22,575.01 square meters of construction.

The building begins at the parking lot basement with capacity for up to 248 vehicles, followed by an over the surface parking and a visiting area featuring the main lobby along with the administrative area and two convenience shops within the enclosure. The outside motor lobby located on the same level, features cantilevered steel and glass ceiling detail, covering the drive thru area defining the front façade. It is here where guests can enter the building.

In order to move through the building, a set of elevators are located at the core of both towers from the basement to the pent house.

Level one comprises apartments with the first set of social amenities for both towers, which include a 25 mt long swimming pool, a deck with bathrooms and dressing rooms, and a large social hall. Two areas designed for piñata games, a soccer field with synthetic turf and a 250 meters long trail for people to walk and exercise were also designed for the first level. Planters, small trees and natural grass will be found in many of the footpaths in order to make an attractive, nature and human friendly project.

Beginning at level 2, the plants are intended solely for apartments, 4 different types with unique functional characteristics. The first and smallest of 68.89 square meters consist of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry area, kitchen, dining room, hidden air-conditioning units and balconies.

The second and third type of apartment, 88.09 and 100.09 square meters, consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, concealed air conditioning units and a balcony.

The fourth and largest of all, 124.39 square meters, will have 4 bedrooms, with the option to convert the fourth into a utility room; 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and balcony hidden air-conditioning units.

It will also have 3 types of Penthouses of 199.01, 168.83 and 168.03 square meters, with the additional feature of having access to the terrace of the building, where there will be a small roof garden with jacuzzi, pergola and other social amenities.

At the 7th level, we will find a lounge area along with a gym shared by the two towers, connected by a bridge along which some amenities such as a pool and ping pong table will be set. Continuing from level 8 to 17, apartments with the given before description are located.

As for the facades, straight lines define the exterior of the building with a modern painted stucco finish allowing different textures, combined with an exposed concrete finish. All facades feature wood mullions made of artificial PVC, with a dual function: add to the project’s aesthetics and minimize the solar impact contributing to the cooling of the building.

The upper roofs will resemble cantilevered boxes, made of a ceramic material similar to a wooden finish that meets both an aesthetic and efficient maintenance function.

The system used in the project will be reinforced concrete rigid frames and center cut wall, with primary and secondary beams. Each tower has vertical circulation cores, in order to facilitate the electrical installations branches, potable water, sanitary and storm downs drains and air extraction, among others. Each tower has two elevators and a staircase center, which will allow vertical movement.