Client : Calidad Inmobiliaria
Location : Vista Hermosa 1 Zona 15 , Guatemala City
Architects / Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Builder: Qualicons
Project Area: 1,506.95 sq ft / 143.93 m2
Project Year: 2011
Renders : Studio Domus
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Located in the heart of Vista Hermosa, which is not only one of the areas with the highest gain of Guatemala City, but also characterized by mixed land use (homes large lots, shops , sports fields, private colleges and universities are located here). Another feature of this area are the boulevards, the most luxuriant and wide throughout the city, has also begun a process of transformation, building parks and bike paths to interconnect all of its residents.

The focus of this project provides the opportunity to build not just another apartment building in the area, but  to merge the lifestyle of residents with the vibrant environment. The apartment tower, located besides sports softball fields, offers the possibility of joining the neighborhood pedestrian way , which is unusual for a city where car use is prevalent .

The project was met the difficult program needs demanded Housing Quality. Three of these requirements were: first, achieving functional solution of a complex of apartments and basements in a small size area, and second, allow cross ventilation and natural light in every room of each apartment, and finally using the rigid frame construction system, achieving the required housing units range established from 60m2 to 200m2.

The transcendental façade design conveys two important features that are usually contrasted as warm and modern, which managed to subtly mix here. The warm look was the result of using the serial coating elements in wood color, contemporary style is achieved through its edges and sharp angles that enhance the corners of the tower, likewise, modern balconies conceptualized in white, rise from the ground and shoot in the common area of the building.

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