Three tips for a sustainable Semana Santa

#1: Crush your cans for more recycling

No doubt we’ll all be enjoying a few beers and sodas over Holy Week. It’s worth remembering though that cans and plastic bottles are completely recyclable. Just look out for these symbols on the packaging. Furthermore, crushing your cans and bottles will make the recycling much easier, and help the local street cleaners collect them in more volume.

#2: Car share

It’s likely most of us will be escaping the capital for a few days outside the city. Why not consider car-sharing? It significantly reduces car emissions, and will help the traffic. Moreover - if you’re not driving you'll be able to have a better time with friends on the way!


#3: The benefit of reusable bags

When stocking up for supplies, remember reusable bags are now available at most supermarkets. Typical plastic bags are made from fossil fuels, aren’t biodegradable and most of them cannot be recycled. A reusable bag will last for life and won’t split open when you’re struggling with that extra-heavy load on the way to the car lot.