Client: Grupo Cesa
Location: Torre Citibank, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus
Project area: 5,436 sq ft / 505.21 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2007/2008
Photography: Marko Bradich 

Located in the penthouse of the prestigious Torre Citibank, the project had offices that were previously occupied by a conservative law firm. The space was filled with private offices covered by traditional woods, communicated by dark corridors that were floored with heavy marble, where each wall had ornamented niches to exhibit art.

This whole image counteracted with the technological image of the company, which is why the decision was made to have a complete transformation. The office was changed from the entrance to the very last corner.

The proposed architectural language highlighted the open and transparent spaces emphasizing the graphic image of a computer chip transmitted by the frosted glass. The heavy wooden frames were substituted by light natural colored aluminum frames accompanied by stainless steel cover on some columns.

The heavy marble floors were changed to light laminated wood that gave a warm and sophisticated image to the corridors. This allows the feeling of more light and visual simplicity to the visitor.

All the furniture is integrated with the interior materials, steel and light wood, uniting the corporate environment. Even small details like the chips on the glass were repeated on the metallic bases of the main desks.

The white walls and suspended ceilings leave behind the antiquated look of the former occupants. But this relatively clean aspect of the architectural image does not reflect the interior’s massive transformation and from which it could successfully disassociate. This project's aesthetic result is an example of the technological essence of the brand. 

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