Resilient architecture is it’s simplest form means design that plans for the long-term future. This can be in preparing for extreme weather events, but also more fundamentally in providing architecture that is flexible to future generations needs.

   How many times should a building change to remain relevant?


How many times should a building change to remain relevant?

It’s an approach to architecture that goes beyond designing a specify building, but incorporates the needs of the city and it’s community. A resilience of place that allows buildings to perform more effectively for longer, meaning less construction, less waste and a more sustainable approach to city planning. 


Transforming a vacant space to an award-winning office*

The headquarters we designed for FOX International Channels in 2012. Previously the building was an defunct cinema, having been vacant and in disuse for nearly a decade. 

We completely re-imagined this space into a large open office where the main theatre was, and a series of complimentary private offices and meeting rooms. Further to this we designed a gallery space, basketball court and social areas. This redevelopment, without affecting the building’s exterior structure is a great example of how a space can be adapted into a completely different function - from cinema to corporate HQ.

Furthermore this reworking of architectural spaces is not just a physical transformation but also allows people to work in new ways, changing the way they interact with each other. The old model of private offices and cubicle workspaces is no longer valid - various studies have shown that a model of shared workspaces and diversity of working spaces is preferred by most colleagues. There is a greater sense of communication, opportunity and creativity fostered in such environments - likewise this can be scaled up on a longer-term city-wide dimension. 

In generations to come the design of the FOX HQ will enable future architects to model a new function into this space - be it a school, hospital, library or even a residential building. 

*Our design and construction won an Honorable Mention in the Annual IIDA Best of Latin American and Carribbean.