Architects: Studio Domus                      
General Contractor: Grupo ITSA
Project Area: 311,184 sq ft / 28,910 m2
Project under construction

Optima, Business Center

The project corresponds to a mixed-use building, consisting of shops and offices. The Optima Building will have 9 basements, the 1st level is for retail and the main Lobby for offices, from the 2nd to the 12th the level will be office use.

The tower has a vertical circulation core, where 6 elevators will be located, one of which will be a load elevator, through which all types of equipment and furniture are moved, as well as the supply of commercial areas and services. The electrical ducts, special facilities, drinking water and air conditioning system are also located in the central core to facilitate the branching of electrical installations, television, internet, drinking water supply, rainwater drainage, drainage channeling , air extraction, data, among others.

Currently the land has sidewalks less than 3 meters, to improve the quality of public space these are extended to 4 meters throughout the project.

The architecture of the building is characterized by its graded form, so that the surface of the levels is reduced in levels 6, 9 and 12 leading to partially roofed terraces located east of the building on levels 6 and 9 and on the perimeter on level 12, in addition a partially covered terrace on level 3 to the south and upper balconies to the south.

Optima has a system that integrates the structure of flat slabs with raised floor, these systems are designed to give the building a greater refinement, since it makes the elements work for the benefit of the other, having as an architecture benefit clean in the interior of the offices, without any structural element seen except for the vertical ones as it creates a space of plenum and facilities in which circulates the air conditioning, hydraulic networks, drains, electrical and special installations.

The tower is of an orthogonal plant, towards the South, East and West, and towards the north it adapts to the diagonal marked by the withdrawal by civil code to the neighboring land.

The façade of the building uses a curtain wall made of glass (double) and aluminum, aluminum solar protection elements and other ACM (Aluminium Facade Panels) ornaments such as walls and slabs whose function is to refine the architectural language of the building.