Location: Centro Corporativo Guayacán, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus
Project area: 3,767 sq ft / 350 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2009
Photography: Marko Bradich 

In recent years Ogilvy Guatemala has won the reputation of being one of the advertising agencies that has won the most awards. And along with their achievements, their media agency must represent the brand with dignity; since this company offers all the advertising media to their clients to accompany their publicity campaigns.

Although they have very large accounts this company has a small organizational structure; and the corporate culture demands a high level of interaction and visibility, which is why an open space design was essential for good functionality.

The use of red was subtle, and only applied as a contrast element and not saturation. The furniture’s light wood was used on the doors for a feeling of warmth and the gray from their filing cabinets was used on the striped modular carpet.

It is a small project but with a great result in its chromatic simplicity, because it reflects the corporate image but respects their functional ideology. It preserves the creative and cheerful qualities that the global brand possesses. 

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