Client : Grupo San Siro
Location : Boulevard Rafael Landívar
Architects / Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Contractor: Grupo San Siro
Project Area: 53,098.37 sq ft / 4,933 sq mt
Project Year: 2016

The concept for this apartment building located in zone 16, was based on the developer’s inclination to minimalist aesthetics commonly found in Scandinavian design.

However it was very important to place it Guatemala City’s context, adding warmth to its architecture through the use of specific materials such as wood and greenery, and a large amount of natural lighting through big windows with access to views. The building owns a contemporary design fusing it with a warm feeling that appeals home nostalgia in a modern context.


The project is an eleven story apartment building with several amenities thought to create community within the building, among their residents. Nordic has 2 types of apartments, from level 2 to level 10, heading north with views of the volcanoes and the city.  In the 11th floor, will include a BBQ area, roof top lounge, an endless petit pool, a library and a small business center, complementing the user’s lifestyle.  

 Its location, few blocks away from Ciudad Cayalá, a mainly pedestrian complex, provides a the urban experience for the user