Location: Centro Empresarial Zona Pradera
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus
Project area: 12,587 sq ft / 1,172 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2013
Photography: Alejandro de Leon

DIP CMI, one of the many divisions of Corporación Multi Inversiones, decided to move into a new, larger space that could to accommodate their team into a more comfortable work area. Studio Domus was hired by DIP to design their new offices, with the task to incorporate all the necessary features, that any modern contemporary workspace needs. Also, having designed and built the first two LEED certified offices in Guatemala, Studio Domus suggested DIP CMI to implement the LEED certification. The idea was accepted immediately, as the corporate vision that characterizes DIP met all the LEED requirements. Therefore the design process, from its very beginning included all the practices in sustainability that are needed to certify a project under this category.

One of the main reasons for the company to move, was the growth in the number of people who work there. The new design allowed double the amount of operational seats managing to incorporate them into an open plan workspace, which according to studies, has a direct influence in the efficiency of the operations and at the same time achieves a more flexible and direct communication between colleagues.

The design of these new corporate offices , is divided in two areas: the VP and legal issues area, and the operational area. The first is a series of private offices with large meeting rooms where crucial topics are approached and private decision-making is done. The operational area, is based on an open office system that features large shared desks, and small 3-5 people meeting rooms destined to tasks that need a higher concentration rate. Two open areas divided by the meeting/private rooms, one destined to operate from fixed positions and another one as a touchdown area, which colleagues use randomly according to the needs of the company.

Meanwhile, the cafeteria located next to the terrace serves in turn, as training/ multipurpose room.

As for sustainability and efficiency, lighting, comfort and resources were optimized: the views and daylight are available for the whole work team; natural vegetation was also incorporated.

The whole project is controlled by an intelligent system that graduates air conditioning and lighting; also raised flooring was used as a crucial feature to facilitate a redesign when needed. The carpet, in red and gray, contains a high percentage of recycled materials.

The efficient use of water was addressed using dual flush toilets, waterless urinals, and pressure compensating aerators in the sinks .

It is remarkable how the corporate identity is reflected in the project with the use of gray and red (corporate colors), adorning the project subtly through the spaces, accessories and furniture. The chairs designed by renowned industrial designer Yves Behaar for Herman Miller, besides being ergonomic, contains recycled content.

The result is an edgy modern office that meets the most relevant features any contemporary corporate space needs, to reflect their commitment to the latest trends in design and sustainability.

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