McDonald's Shared Services Center Guatemala

Architecture/Design: Studio Domus
General Contractor: Studio Domus
Project Area: 3875 sq ft /360 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photography: Alejandro de León

McDonald’s Guatemala decided to renovate one of its divisions’ workspace in order to implement certain renewals as a first step towards a complete transformation. Studio Domus as a specialist in corporate interiors was given the task to remodel the space within limited parameters.

The study was conducted in a relatively small space (300 m2) and within a budget limit. The clients wanted to increase the number of operative places, implementing a coffee point, open meeting rooms and two telephone booths. 

The client’s petitions were resolved creatively, with an open plan design using color as a main feature to accentuate and differentiate one area from another. The furniture was crucial, because although the floor was not changed nor carpets were added, it adds energy to the space. The focal point is an element that usually is not shown: the coffee point. The workflow happens in stations around it and also serves to generate activities: colleagues may get together for an afternoon chat around the coffee station or even have informal meetings at the kitchenette bar.

The workflow was greatly improved since operational positions were placed strategically to take advantage of as much natural light and air entering the building. File areas were located at a wall level so they wouldn’t disrupt the space, some private meeting rooms left out of this renovation phase were integrated to the rest of the area through the colors combined with the furniture. In conclusion, the project was revived and acquired a personality defined after the small intervention Studio Domus made n this offices.