Architects: Studio Domus                      
 General Contractor: Calidad Inmobiliaria S.A., Qualicons
Consultants: Federico Matheu de Diseños Energéticos
Project Area: 31,329 sq ft / 2910 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photography: Alejandro de León

This building was designed to fit the needs of a leading electrical equipment supplier, who experienced a strong growth and needed bigger facilities. They decided to build a new office building, which would suit their particular needs, responding to the modus operandi of the company. The whole new design responds to Intek’s corporate image fusing a modern and functional sustainable design, with efficient energy solutions.

For twenty years INTEK has supplied technology equipment and provided services to the industrial segment. After regional consolidation the company decided it was time to have their own headquarters where their clients could visualize a corporate image according to their beliefs.

The objective was to comply with the needs of storage space, training centers a sales room with direct customer service and to have not only current work stations but also a flexible space to allow an increase of double the staff.

The building consists of three levels, comprising a showroom in the first level and a customer service area, in addition to the storage warehouse. In the second level, a complete operational area in an open plan office space, with180 degree access to outside views, multiple meeting rooms and balcony area. The third level houses a training center, a large cafeteria and a social area with balconies.

"This new building means a new stage for Intek, where we have an appropriate renewed office space that reflects our identity as a company" explained Intek managers. "This new building shows what we truly are: a sustainable company committed to the environment, which believes in technology.”

The architectural design is characterized by the use of raw materials such as exposed concrete, metal and glass. An industrial look is reflected from the walls to the ceilings, as well as in the furniture used.

An efficiency study was conducted in order to apply passive solutions that take advantage of natural resources, enhancing the performance of the building. The results led to the incorporation of critical elements such as facade mullions serving as a second skin helping to reduce the heat load and to maintain a comfortable temperature inside; also the use of solar tubes leading daylight inward, which were installed in the warehouse area, meeting rooms and operational area.

The building is an example of how contemporary architecture can lead to an efficient design that reflects the corporate image of the company.


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