Grupo Suca lubriimport-luisa

Location: Zona 12 Cortijo 2, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Altiscorp
Project area: 2753 m2/ 29,634 sq ft
Project year: Design/Completion: 2015
Photography: Alejandro de León

This project located in Guatemala City, in a complex of predominantly industrial "Ofibodegas" was designed in order to create a confortable working space with contemporary architecture. The concept of "ofibodega" has often a very and rustic and standard look.

The client, acompany with over 22 years experience in the distribution of motor oils in Guatemala, representing renowned brands such as Quaker State, Valvoline, Petro - Canada and Coastal, decided to renew its corporate image and centralize its operations. They found an appropriate solution in this complex, and decided to break with the conventional scheme and invest in a design that would transform their work culture and communicate a cutting-edge, modern and friendly, comfortable office space.

Besides the obvious advantages of being located in a more industrial area of he city, surrounded by other companies in the sector with similar needs and characteristics, it was the opportunity to shape their corporate image throughout the design.

We used "speed" as a design concept, since it was a common denominator in the products handled by the company. Therefore the collors, graphic images and displays, run under the idea of speed.

The entire facade was re designed to achieve a modern industrial look, which excelled the rest of Ofi bodegas in the area and give identity to the project. The reception has color accents leaving exposed beams and focal point receiving element with a totally unexpected Corian design with LED lighting.

The operational areas, include elements such as carpeting, furniture and colors, all with the same concept of vertical lines, lots of light and industrial finishes, everything in an open office concept; informal working areas and some open dining rooms were also designed.

The training room is an energetic space with lots of light and vibrant colors that stimulate learning. Meanwhile the cafeteria has a contemporary design, with direct access to a terrace. Furniture was designed to look like a modern, comfortable dining room, where Corian is also used on tables, being a material that requires little maintenance.

The project was implemented in order to achieve the LEED CI under the "New Construction and Major Renovations" category. Therefore, a series of sustainable practices were implemented such as an automatic control system for lighting, which uses a combination of passive and active energy saving strategies as very few projects in the region. Also, for indoor air quality, a plan was implemented during construction, guaranteeing the use of low-emission materials and fresh air income.

Moreover, the architectural design, with open plan layout facilitated access to views and daylight to colleagues. It is the hope of both client and architects, that anyone who hears or visits this new office space, will recognize it as cutting edge, sustainable project.