Client : Global Exchange ( Spain )
Location : La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala City
Architects / Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Builder: Studio Domus
Project Area: 4 sites Between 172.16 - 376.6 sq ft/ 16 - 35 m2
Project Year: 2009
Photographs : Marko Bradich

After Guatemala's International Airport "La Aurora" was totally rebuilt, the Spanish company Global Exchange showed interest in opening exchange houses.

Global Exchange asked Studio Domus to create a modern concept with international standards, that wouldn't break with the geometry of the newly remodeled airport.

The main area was assigned to the entry of passengers, with a privileged position within the airport as it is what you first see when you enter the building. Also, this would represent the introduction of Global Exchange to the market and thus the project should be especially striking  Given this premise, Studio Domus decided to highlight the graphic image by shields, neon signs and lots of direct and indirect lighting.

The first objective was to achieve a visual effect of amplitude, which was achieved through the placement of tempered glass and lots of artificial light inside. The second objective was the durability of the project: high quality and low maintenance materials such as aluminum panels, white Corian tops, clear tempered glass and stainless steel footrest were used. Although small, these exchange houses have lots of materials joined and many architectural details, which were achieved with great precision and elegance.

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