Client: Geoconsa/Geoambiente
Location: Edificio Avante, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus
Consultants: Carrier-Caelsa (A/C)
Project area: 2,745 sq ft / 2,55.11 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2010
Photography: Marko Bradich 

The mandate was traditional: create corporate offices for a company destined to the commercialization of electric energy. This successful company lacked an institutional identity and image, which is why the group of architects created a concept that reflected the reasonable use of energy through use of natural light, using energy-efficient lamps as well as highly recyclable or reusable materials. The Board of Directors of the company accepted the proposal and promoted it right away, which generated a synergy between both companies from that moment on, resulting in an environment congruent with the company policy as well as a fresh and modern aspect.

The chromatic diversity was highlighted with the different patterns of the modular carpet and the accents on green walls, but the visual richness of the tempered crystals are the main characters of this office, because they allow to appreciate the beautiful views of the city and maximize the use of natural light. The stainless steel accessories are used on the furniture and plain glass. The dark wood is beautifully intertwined with the ceiling, doors, and furniture, achieving a cozy ensemble.

The quality that defines this company'€™s service is correctly symbolized in the adequate use of materials and special attention to detail. 

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