Fox International Channels

How we converted an old cinema into a magical place to work.

Location: Ave. Las Americas 16-25 zona 13, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior Design: Studio Domus
General Contractor: Studio Domus
Consultants: Eng. Federico Matheu, Sustainability Expert

Project Area: 71,688 sq ft / 6,660 m2
Project Year: 2012
Photography: Alejandro de Leon, Richard Heap

Fox International Channels' projects distinctive feature is based on the reinterpretation of an existing building, thanks to key architectural modifications.

Usually, office projects are closed to the public due to corporate reasons. Distinctively, FOX wanted a direct connection to the urban environment, through the creation of alternative spaces within the same building, such as two art galleries, a sports bar and an open front plaza connecting the building to the street. Such features take full advantage of weekend pedestrianisation - a rare feature in a city dominated by cars and heavy traffic. Therefore, the external parking spaces which were blocking access to across the street Plaza Cristobal Colón, were eliminated allowing an open/outside space reserved for cultural and social events, such as fairs, exhibitions and sales promotion activities amongst others.

The masonry of the building was mostly demolished, leaving the existing main structure while renovating it for contemporary use. This modification of the buildings architectural and commercial properties, was a smart way to update the space giving it a fresh, vibrant atmosphere for a dynamic, creative and young workforce

In regards to resources and maintenance of the building, Studio Domus conducted an efficiency study in conjunction with an engineering firm specialized in sustainable construction; this generated accurate forecasts of wind circulation and natural light. The results of the study meant the elimination of air-conditioning units and rather take advantage of a passive system based on chimneys and skylights that allowed natural ventilation and daylight.

In conclusion that project has low maintenance costs in terms of the materials used and the efficient use of energy.

It's well-known that the project encourages social interaction as an open workspace; in addition to recreational areas, there is a basketball court, ping pong tables, table football and various social and rest spaces, all of which have a direct impact on the employees experience in aiding teamwork and communication.

Finally one of the main pollutants in any project, are waste materials (glass, metal etc...).

Studio Domus sought to reduce this by selling such materials to recyclers, helping us sponsor two children from the Safe Passage project (children who live near the garbage city scrapyard).

Fox International Channels is an example of how architecture has the influence to encourage human interaction while adding to an urban lifestyle, through a functional, contemporary design.

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