Forum Zona Viva architectural proposal sets the architectural trend in mixed-use corporate buildings in Central America.


The corporate complex consists of two office towers under a line of contemporary architecture that will make a regional trend. It anticipates to the future lifestyle of the central american people, including positive solutions such as a pedestrian and urban environment, which will lead to the dynamism that already exists in the business world. Forum architecture is inspired by this activity and communicates¡ elegance and productivity. The project integrates urban solutions that generate wealth to the area. A mixed-use project like this brings functionality to Guatemala City,centralizing various solutions in one place. In Zona Viva Forum

We will find here trade and banking, offices, restaurants and a public corridor connecting two important avenues in the area. In this manner it reduces vehicular traffic. As for its architecture, in level 9, a bridge will connect the two towers with a sky bar.

The project is pursuing LEED CI and is envisaged to minimize operating long term costs, for which energy simulations were carried out and the necessary studies in order to minimize the impact on the environment and efficient use of means such as water and electricity. It is designed to be the most sustainable building in Guatemala city.

Forum Zona Viva is a project that will revolutionize the way we do business, by its architectural design and long-term vision. Will feature more than 700 parking spaces for cars and will have a designed space for bicycles and motorcycles. A project that will put the region in the international map of AAA Corporate Centers.

Its contemporary design contributes to the urban development in the region and will meet all the requirements for any multinational company to establish their headquarters in it.