Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus
Project area: 16145.9 sq ft / 1500 sq m
Project year: Design/Completion: 2014
Photography: Alejandro de Leon

Duwest headquarters in Nicaragua continues the design line that we established when we first designed the headquarters of this company in the Platina building in Guatemala. 

The company decided relocate their distribution branch in Nicaragua, and wanted something architecturally connected with the corporate image in Guatemala City, where is home based. The new building means a great deal for the company, since previously their operations were in separate locations, creating miscommunication between clients and workers. This detachment was not beneficial to customers, so Duwest decided to move into this new building in order to unify their operations and deliver a better experience to their client and workers.

The building is located in Managua, and protrudes the skyline, being one of the few stand-alone two-level buildings, serving as a showroom and a business operational area. 

The showroom and parking area are located at a street level for the visitors convenience. On the second floor, the operations room revolves around a large terrace where employees can enjoy the outdoor fresh air. The design includes raw materials such as metal and glass combined with green colors as a finish touch, and geometric figures that accentuate the contemporary, dynamic shift of the company. The whole centre consists of 1500 m2 of building area and a wine cellar with over 1600 positions racks.

Currently all the operations of the company are located in one building that represents the corporate identity of the company giving workers a sense of pride. There is satisfaction in the staff because they feel they are in a welcoming environment, where the operational area is based in an open plan design and there is no distinction between areas. 

In conclusion, we managed a design that immediately improved customer service, with facilities that suit the company's needs and definitely improve the conditions in the work environment.