Client : Duke Energy El Salvador / Guatemala Duke Energy
Location : Building CESSA , San Salvador / Europlaza World Business Center, Guatemala City
Architects / Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Builder: Studio Domus
Project Area : El Salvador 8,880.27 sq ft / 825 m2; Guatemala 11,302.11 sq ft/ 1,050 m2
Project Year: 2006/2006
Photographs : Jose Luis Samayoa

Duke Energy is one of the leaders in distribution and power generation in the Americas. In 2011 they appeared in "Fortune 500" as one of the most powerful companies in the United States.

In 2007, representatives of Duke Energy of Houston, Texas, asked Studio Domus to assist them in the design and construction of its new corporate facilities of El Salvador and Guatemala. Security was the most important clause within the contract: during construction workers must meet a high standard of industrial safety, for the effect was assigned a specific computer training and control of this important requirement.

The new offices aim to create functional work environments with rectilinear shapes, which are set by the repetitive use of the work modules and transparency.

The transformation of both sites was very dramatic, although the San Salvador project was more noticeable since it was located in a residential house with no corporate image and moved into an office building maximizing the operational area and placing managements on the perimeter of the room, leaving a fully flexible central area.

To define the aesthetic line, it was necessary to consider the appropriate use of natural and artificial light as the ideal combination. On the home carpentry, doors and desktop management, local wood with dark varnish was used; in contrast to these environments, grays and blues delimit the areas of operational posts.

The final verdict is that these two offices prioritizes the functional aspect, stimulating a fusion of Latin and American culture, interpreted through the notorious mix of national and North American materials.

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