Location: Boulevard Los Próceres, Guatemala City
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Constructor: Conceptos Urbanos
Project Area: 3,390 sq ft / 315.06 m2
Competition Year: Design/Completion 2009/2010
Photographs: Marko Bradich

All of the Back Office envelope is proposed with double-glazed windows with metal louvers, while manually operable facilitate and stimulate natural ventilation. Low-E windows will be environmentally located in the south and west façades and will also minimize heat transference. Cross ventilation can be enhanced by the full-height atrium that is parallel to the natural wind circulation path, consequentially reducing reliance on air conditioning.

As you enter the lobby of the Office Building your eyes are drawn upward, where a fixed angle skylight louver controls direct sunlight during summer days, diffusing glare for visual comfort and moving daylight into the grand atrium and interior gardens, reducing energy used by artificial lights.

It would seem to be an organic building, but upon entering, two rows of round concrete columns create a stainless-steel portal, and direct visitors to the ample reception lounge, the center of the public zone. Ahead a circular information booth receives visitors as they approach the security control to enter a corporate €œurban interior space. High-tech glass bridges cross the atrium to communicate large open space with glass balconies.

The interior design purpose was to break down the typical barrier of office design and provide spaces that are more comfortable and inviting, less static and hierarchical. To do this, the architects devised an open plan featuring two distinct functional zones with clearly defined, yet transparent boundaries: a public area that wraps around the atrium, and open-space office areas to the east and west.
The interior core resulted in a fluid, contemporary office in touch with its employees and local nature.

If built, the organization´€™s new home, designed by Studio Domus, demonstrates a commitment to local culture while reflecting the client´€™s progressive outlook through its extensive use of sustainable building strategies and technologies to achieve a LEED ® certification.

The exterior white concrete walls will have a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of almost 85%. On top of the third floor, the landscape designer proposed a beautiful green roof; to the south façade  a magnificent green wall and the warm west is protected by metal sun louvers. The combination of all these elements will reduce heat absorption to the interior, saving energy consumption by downsizing the A/C units.

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