Location: Guatemala City
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Proporción y Escala
Project area: 3879 sq mt/ 41753.21 sq ft
Project year: Design/Completion: 2015
Photography: Andrés Asturias

Bayer corporate HQ in Guatemala City is their first corporate building in the region to incorporate the six-wellness dimensions in an office design. This was achieved through a change management program where Studio Domus leaded a series of interviews and focus groups with all the Bayer staff, in order to satisfy their specific needs and provide them with a personalized office space where they can work and receive al the benefits of natural lighting, clean air, nature and plants, coffee and fruit stations amongst others. The emotional, occupational, physical, intellectual and social needs were taken into account when we gave a rebirth to this twenty year old building designing new spaces for them to enjoy their work time. Through this design we aimed to transform the work culture to an open space one, free of visual barriers (cubicles) and full of amenities for them to be more happy and productive.

The concept of wellness, a requirement for office spaces in Europe and the United States, is now a reality in Guatemala in this project that stimulates people’s productivity to the maximum. Colleagues now enjoy Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, Natural Light and Lighting, Biophilia, Noise Management and Open Interior layout designs that promote activity and exercise, among other benefits.

As for the architecture, the three-story building was redesigned integrating 300 desks, 12 large meeting rooms, 16 small meeting rooms, and a series of lounge areas, coffee stations and a central work café area in the first level baptized as the LIFE CAFÉ, a space where people meet, work, have coffee and receive visits. This was possible by changing the facade generating more indoor space. 

Other aspects of design such as the use of color, were very important in this project, because they not only reflect the brand's identity, but also they give energy to the several areas. Regarding this, a recent study on wellness shows that 92% of people react positively with vitality and energy to warm, bright colors. Green, blue, turquoise, orange and gray are included in this office space in combination with organic materials such as maple tree wooden walls and guatemalan fabrics on the benches.

In our most recent post occupation questionnaire, the Bayer staff expressed they are very happy with the results and feel more than proud of their new offices.  

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