Location: 4 Grados Norte
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
Builder: Studio Domus
Project Area: 3,390 sq ft / 315 m2
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Alejandro de León

Responding to a vision of sharing the overall image of the advertising agency DDB and celebrate their new merger with Tribu DDB of Costa Rica, el Taier came to the dilemma of whether maintaining their infrastructure as a "rustic" workshop or align with a global corporate image. However, their clients had knew them with this image for the past ten years, which also characterized the agency as unconventional; the new merger shouldnt interfere with the integrity of their image philosophy. Therefore, the partners decided to keep the workshop concept, polishing it to look like a top notch auto shop. DDB colors were used and thereby, ended with a very distinctive look.

This detached three level property located in Cuatro Grados Norte, a bohemian area of Guatemala city, had all the characteristics of space needed by the new program. In the first level we find the entrance, decorated with industrial furniture and polished concrete floor and walls, combined with a white cultured marble surface on top of the reception table. The smoothing concrete floor was sealed with a glossy white epoxy, just as a sports car workshop. The slab, painted graphite color, is fully exposed in the sky, but with a rectangular yellow element floating, giving human scale to the space.

The meeting rooms are located at a street level so customers do not have to wander around the interiors. The metal gates were rescued from the previous office and were fixed with a striking decorative element. The white floors delimited with yellow paint, give the impression that, eventually, a car will come in and be settled in this area.

The waiting rooms are conceptually closed with white ribbons, which gives the sense of privacy, but allow quick meetings within a clearly defined environment.

The operational area on the third level shows desks arranged in shapes of molecules, with hanging lamps that project this same scheme. Only two offices were closed against the front facade and other operating positions were left completely open occupying large windows to the rear elevation space. Some walls show a "zebra" texture used in areas that have to be more noticeable. It was decided to respect the integrity of the building structure and, therefore, the gabled roofs were covered not only to solve a heat problem but also leave its tension steel fully seen. All drains were installed to keep the exposed image industrial offices .

The new office space is essentially composed. It was possible to maintain the image of workshop, but improving the aesthetics of the office without being ostentatious but simply modern. The white floor of the ground floor is the most important decorative element, also has had a memorable effect to customers.

This new headquarters achieve a very important urban connection, giving more activity to the environment and generating a positive feeling in this pedestrian bohemian area. The interior concept is consistent with the urban location and both seem to benefit from its context to make this a project with a positive attitude.

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