Location: Km 14.5 Carretera a El Salvador, Guatemala
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Studio Domus/Grupo G (steel structure)
Consultants: Audio y Diseno (Lighting), Soltec (Technology and A/C), Instelectra (Electrical), TAS (CCTV)
Project area: 7,287 sq ft / 677.23 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2011/2012
Photography: Carmen Maldonado

Color, light, and function are the main characteristics a couple asked for in their studio. Previously based in the United States of America, the clients wanted their space to project a vanguard atmosphere never seen before in Guatemala. This space had to offer all the comforts a professional photographic studio had to have and so it was conceived.

The original concept is based on functional aspects of the environments and the way the furniture and the decorative materials would contrast with the white color of the entire volume.

The cyclograma is the medullar piece of the program and it was placed in the end of the studio, to achieve a more dynamic and lavish effect. Everything is within a vast space ready to be used for a long photo session or even to offer a cocktail to the foreign photographers coming to train their national colleagues. In the center there is an exquisite white bar surrounded by the dressing rooms, editing area, multiple waiting areas, and meeting rooms.

The peaceful white color highlights every object and furniture that seem to have received a curator’s approval before being placed.

The client made this construction very personal, with very meticulous supervision to achieve the detail he wanted. Nothing was placed randomly or without being analyzed to align with the original concept and this gave design unity to the whole project.

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