Client: Los Altos de La Sabana, S.A.
Location: 1a Ave. A zona 17, Sabana Arriba
Architects/Interior designers: Studio Domus
General contractor: Conceptos Urbanos
Project area:  95,985 sq ft / 8,937.16 m2
Project year: Design/Completion: 2012-1013

The project consists of ten apartment towers: seven units are six stories high and three units are seven levels high; equal in function, structure and space. Fully dedicated to residential use, the project includes common areas such as a social lounge, children's playground, and other recreational areas.

The project will have ground floor apartments with an area of 7.49 m², with rooms such as living room, kitchen, laundry, toilet, two secondary bedrooms, a master bedroom; typical apartments in the rest of the levels with 70.57 m² area , with rooms such as living room with balcony, kitchen, laundry, toilet, two secondary bedrooms, a master bedroom with a balcony .

The two towers are designed and constructed under the structural system of reinforced concrete walls, or "formwork". The foundation design is based on the study of relevant soil and will be designed under the strictest international standards AGIES and structural design codes. Both walls, and foundations shall be designed in concrete and steel reinforcement.

The parking area will be designed like small community area, with cobblestone paving similar to Antigua, Guatemala. This same area will allow us to interconnect the plumbing and storm water needs of the apartment towers. All storm water runoff will be drained into grids in the same parking area.

We are also making a large water tank, which will be served by well and hydraulics pumps and buffer tanks.

The project will include distribution of electricity connections, supplied by EEGSA, through a system of posted and overhead wiring, distribution panels and multiple counters. Each apartment will have its own electrical connection distributed by a system of independent accountants from the panel of multiple. Similarly, all the apartments have their own special services such as cable television, telephone and internet . The outdoor parking area lighting is planned indirectly from the ground into the trees, creating a friendly atmosphere overnight.

Both apartment towers have a vertical design products to facilitate branch of electrical installations, television, Internet , water supply , stormwater and downs of drain pipe. Both buildings have concrete facades smoothing natural color and some walls are painted green.


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