Client: Ágora 1501
Location: Zona 15 Vista Hermosa II Guatemala City
Architects/Interior Designers: Studio Domus
General Contractor: Soluciones Técnicas de Ingeniería
Project Area: 68889 sq ft/ 6400m2
Project Year: 2014

Located in Vista Hermosa II, a high-end residential zone in Guatemala City, this apartment building proposal connects to the urban environment while providing a contemporary choice of living. Several market studies have reflected the functionality and acceptance that this area of he city has in the property market thanks to all the facilities and amenities that congregate in the area.

Ágora 1501, has attracted the neighbors’ attention due to its bold design that contributes to a modern lifestyle defined, in addition to unique features such as the first green wall installed in a project of this nature.

"When developers presented us their desire to build an apartment building, we decided to give a twist to what has been designed in the area, maximizing the use of the land and creating a functional building for tenants, profitable for the developers and a unique architectural design. The idea of creating a boutique apartment building with its own identity and high functionality was key for us" explains Mauricio Barillas, CEO of Studio Domus.

To make a project happen you need to bring all the pieces together and that's what Capital Bureau did, as project managers. Luis Pedro Muralles, CEO comments, " We structured the project in order to get the perfect team that would define its identity. In this case it was possible to articulate a group of investors and developers that were willing to invest in a different project and also wanted to contribute to the area's urban design, along with an architectural firm that met all the requirements for a bold design”.

Studio Domus has designed projects that respond to a contemporary lifestyle, reflecting the latest trends both in terms of architecture and human needs. "We can not ignore the emerging trends of the market itself, but also take into account what people need on a daily basis: Ágora 1501 will have an efficient design with the concept of boutique apartments and a very environmental friendly design" indicates Barillas.

The aesthetics of the building are defined by a linear, clean architectural trace where a set of volumes add character and movement to the facade, creating a visual balance spontaneous and simplistic, according to the urban context.

A green wall, first installed in an apartment building, responds to the current trend of integrating nature to architecture. This feature gives identity to the project, without being a "green" building per se, it creates a nice visual and integrates it to the skyline of Vista Hermosa. Meanwhile, other elements and materials complement each other managing to create an architectural dialogue with the environment. The green wall brings warmth to the exposed concrete structure and matching wood finishes inside the balconies create a beautiful balance. It achieves a combination of materials, colors and interesting textures that speak of a contemporary architecture with timeless features.

After just 2 weeks of being on sale, the project has had an unexpected response having already achieved already 50 % sales. "We believe this market acceptance is definitely due to a combination of the location-design factors,” indicates Muralles.

The building consists of 33 apartments over 10 levels, with 4 apartments per floor, each with a different design, all with views and access to natural air and light, through balconies.

The lobby will be fully transparent generating an immediate connection to the street. For developers it was important to contribute to the community of neighbors that has been generated in this area. "The design generates union with the street and its surroundings which is very important to add quality to the lifestyle of both tenants and neighbors in the area".

The building is projected to be ready by the end of next year 2015.

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